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Welcome to my secret lair on Skullcrusher Mountain

I always disliked the phrase “a vacation from my vacation” (a phrase almost as saccharine and idiotic as “a case of the Mondays”.)

But after spending a week and a half on the JCCC2 boat, which Wil Wheaton’s lovely wife Anne described as “Nerd camp for adults, on a boat” (More info on the JoCo Cruise here–it really was spectacular in a strange and very nerdy way) I needed the week to regroup. Thus, I have a link dump of epic proportions for all of you, and not really very much content, for which I heartily apologize.

Here, have a clip of Paul & Storm singing a song they wrote to George R.R. Martin (the crappy phone audio is to blame for the pitchiness–trust me, I was there and they killed the song live):

So that is a small sample of things that happen on such a nerdy sort of cruise. That was also not the only song directed at a pop culture icon named George I heard over the course of the week.

And now I am back on land, land which has finally stopped moving around thanks to my inner ear, and I can’t say much else than… [ :: insert floppy sound effect here :: ] …which brings us up to this week.

I can say that I’m hard at work on a brand new young adult series, and as soon as I have clearance to tell you more I will be so happy.

And right now, (literally the second I hit post) I’m working again on rewrites for Soul Trade, making it suck at least 99.9997% less.

And now…here are some links.

One further reminder, if the sidebar hasn’t told you already: I’m going to be at two events in San Francisco and Berkeley in the coming weeks. Look to the sidebar! It will tell you all!

I’ve also confirmed a new event in Alexadria, VA at Hooray for Books! on March 24th, where I’ll be sharing the spotlight with Jessica Spotswood, debut author of Born Wicked, and my good friend Tiffany Trent, who’s novel The Unnaturalists is fantastic, awesome, imaginative and amazing. You should definitely blow off whatever you had planned for that day and come hang out with us instead. We’ll have cake.*

*Said cake may be a lie.

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