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Hi everyone! Sporadic blogging continues, but for good reasons: 1) I’m finishing up line edits to the third and final Iron Codex novel and 2) I’m working on two brand new Book 1′s of both an adult and YA series. No sales yet, but I hope that’ll change very soon, and I can share some details with all of you lovely people.

In lieu of any news (because let’s face it, doing nothing but edit for 6 hours a day since I got back from the cruise is boring to everyone but me), I bring you some shiny, pretty things.

Viviane Hebel of HebelDesign has made some absolutely gorgeous jewelry inspired by the Iron Codex books, which is about the coolest thing ever!

Here are the two designs:


This one is based on the secret gears that control Aoife’s family home, Graystone, and all of its clockwork apparatus. In real life (Viviane was kind enough to send me a sample!) it’s beautiful, shiny, and heavy–really perfect if you have a steampunk event or costume you’re trying to accessorize.









  This one is based on Aoife’s compass from The Nightmare Garden, and it is absolutely gorgeous. In real life it’s perfect for everyday wear (I wear mine all the time!) and it glimmers and gleams and I love it.










Viviane donates portions of her proceeds to reading charities, and she also features jewelry inspired by (among others) the Mortal Instruments and Curse Workers series. If you’re interested in Iron Codex shinies of your very own, you can find them right here:


Iron Codex jewelry!



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